Best Frequent Flyer Rewards Programs

When you go shopping, you come home with a bag of groceries, clothes, or other sundries. When you fly, you come home with memories. But, if you’re part of a frequent flyer rewards program, you can also bring home points that can be used for future flights. But which programs give you the best bang for your buck? Dav El | BostonCoach breaks down the best frequent flyer rewards programs:


Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Southwest Airlines runs its frequent flyer rewards program in a straightforward manner. Points are based on the expense of the ticket you buy. More money = more points. Southwest is a great airline for redeeming points as well, as there are zero blackout dates. And now, Southwest flies to even more locations, so why not sign up for their program? Note that you will need to pay for any associated taxes and fees with any redeemed flights.


Delta Airlines SkyMiles

While not as easy to redeem the miles (Delta has ceased listing an award chart on its website and its website is difficult to navigate), experts agree that the rewards program is still valuable due to Delta’s vast size and breadth. Recommendations include booking one-way flights and also, the best part, booking with one of Delta’s many partner airlines – thus expanding the possibilities for your redeemed travel.


British Airways Avios

Opposite to Southwest, British Airways runs its Avios frequent flyer program based on distance. A short flight will cost you fewer points, and a long flight, more. Not only can you use the points internationally, but as British Airways is part of the One World Alliance, you can use the points on domestic U.S. airlines as well, such as American Airlines.


One of the easiest ways to get rewards points from any airline is to sign up with a co-branded airline credit card. If you book your flights with the card and then use it for other purchases (as outlined by the agreement), you can rack up points while grocery shopping – a win-win for your everyday and travel lives.


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