Businesses and Jobs that Require A Lot of Travel

Do you have wanderlust? Feel like the mundane day to day grind is not what you had in mind?

Relax, you’re not alone. A lot of people can relate. More and more business professionals are now able to and choose to, work remotely and/or from their home office, providing all sorts of services domestically and internationally. And, their work can go on the road with them to conferences, sales meetings, client interactions, and other related business travel.

But what jobs really require travel almost exclusively? There are many, and one of them might be the right choice for you to break out of the mold.

Flight Attendant

It’s almost too obvious what an amazing amount of travel flight attendants can enjoy. Granted, international travel is a level that many have to work up to, but, if you are okay starting out with domestic travel, then you have a great chance to see a lot of the world. Hours are long and you are often on your feet, but, if you have the need to get out and about in the world, it could be your best bet.

Cruise Ship Employee

Sailing the open seas all around the world? Yes, please! Many cruise ship employees work compacted schedules so they are on the go for several months at a time, and then take a good amount of vacation, allowing them to travel on their off time. The only downside to cruise ship employment are the long hours and cramped cabin space.

Travel Agent/Travel Blogger

An ideal position for someone who wants to travel: get paid to do it! Imagine going to locations and being able to try adventures out, all on someone else’s dime? Positions like these don’t come around very often, though, so a good way to start is to foot your own bill and submit articles or ideas to agencies or publications.

Medical Personnel

Many countries in the world do not have the medical personnel that they need to take care of their population. Traveling doctors and nurses are able to fill that void in temporary positions. It’s a win-win: helping others and being able to travel at the same time.


Other travel-friendly jobs include consultants, English teachers, foreign service employees, and many others. Do some research, find the one that appeals to you, and get on the open road.


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