How is Technology Changing Travel?

With the advancement of technology in all aspects of our lives, from the depths of information on the internet to the constant influx of social media updates, it is safe to say that we have gotten used to how it has changed us, our habits, and how we function day to day. Technology has had an immense effect on the travel industry, both for consumers and corporations, as it has made travel booking, tracking, safety, and other aspects better, easier, and more transparent. Here are some ways that we think technology has truly changed travel:

Personal Control

Travelers today now have the power of technology at the swipe of a screen. Booking flights, cars, ground transportation, and hotels can all be done almost instantaneously via smartphone apps. You can track flights and rides at all times as well as costs. Having personal control gives travelers the ability to travel as they see fit and with as much information as possible.

Virtual Reality

If you’re on the go when traveling, there’s no more need for a guidebook. You can utilize apps and books on your devices and learn the history of specific tourist sites as you’re out and about. You can also download apps that can act as your personal virtual travel assistant — based on your likes and dislikes, virtual travel assistants can recommend restaurants or excursions personally tailored to you.


It goes without saying that everyone has an opinion. And nowadays, those opinions are shared frequently online. Multiple websites are available with travelers’ reviews, feedback and more. You can even tailor searches for your own personal tastes and get even more specific details.

Lighter Luggage

Technology has given us the gift of the e-Reader. Without having to lug books to pass the time on the airplane and again, not having to bring guidebooks along, has freed up our luggage space immensely. Just don’t forget your chargers – in that respect, old-fashioned books are a good back up!

Technology has made our travel lives much easier but tread cautiously about downloading too much information! Best to do your research and decide how much or how little you want on your plate.


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