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Improve Your Business Travel with these Simple Steps

Create a routine. For frequent business travelers, it’s wise to establish and follow habits that will alleviate unnecessary stressors during your travel.

But don’t avoid treating yourself. Sticking to a routine is important, but monotony in all aspects can lead to career burnout. If you have spare time at an airport, see if there is a good place to eat or grab a relaxing spa treatment.

Make life easier for yourself. Make sure you’ve applied for TSA PreCheck. This is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury for business travelers. By opting into TSA PreCheck, you’re allowing yourself more time to get through security screenings, faster moving lines due to less restrictions and an overall improved travel experience.

Stay connected. One of the biggest annoyances during corporate travel is not having internet connection when you need it most. Thankfully this is becoming less and less of a phenomenon, in part due to widespread Wi-Fi availability. It may also be worth investing in a device that provides internet for your laptop, tablet or cellphone no matter your location.

Don’t forget your health and wellness. More often than not, your meals are not exactly the healthiest when you’re eating on the run. Consider stocking up on healthy snacks (fruit, yogurt, protein bars, etc.) prior to your travels to help avoid overpriced and unhealthy airport fast food purchases. Also, don’t forget to drink water during your travels as flying can be quite dehydrating. Finally, be sure to get up and move around if your flight is longer than 2 or 3 hours to keep your blood circulating.

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