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Los Angeles: Places and Attractions To See That Aren’t Hollywood

The famous Hollywood sign, high above the city of Los Angeles, is one of the area’s most iconic symbols – that, plus the film and television studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, stars’ handprints at Grauman’s (now TCL) Chinese Theatre, and Rodeo Drive.

But if you are on a trip to Los Angeles for the first or even the tenth time, there are many other local, cultural places and attractions to visit that are not part of the fabric of Hollywood or hordes of tourists. You might find that these side trips, less heavily populated, give you a broader view of the delightful aspects of the City of Angels.

Griffith Observatory

Stunning views of the Los Angeles are provided at the Griffith Observatory, perched in the hills above the city. You can observe twinkling lights and stars at night via the various telescopes on hand as well as visit multiple on-site exhibits.

Huntington Library (and Botanical Gardens)

This sprawling series of grounds (not only a library and botanical gardens but art exhibits as well) is hard to visit in just one day, it is so expansive and rich in detail. Created at the bequest of entrepreneur Henry E. Huntington, visiting here should be considered a special highlight of a trip to Los Angeles. The gardens alone are worth an entire day’s visit!

The Broad

A free, contemporary art museum in downtown Los Angeles, The Broad is best known for housing artist Yayoi Kusama’s two mirror-laden rooms (for which there is generally a long line to visit). Not only does it contain these incredible pieces of art, but The Broad also showcases work from many contemporary artists including Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, among others.

Zuma Beach

A little farther down the road from downtown Los Angeles is glamorous Malibu. And Zuma Beach, with its beautiful, wide beaches, and waves that break farther out, making it perfect for body surfers and boogie boarders. When you’re on your way there or from the beach, you can take in the gorgeous homes that line the California coast.

There are so many options beyond the tourist attractions of Los Angeles. Venture beyond the beaten path with the help of ground transportation from Dav El | BostonCoach, and discover the places in Los Angeles that you might not otherwise.