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The Best Travel Apps for 2020

There are hundreds of travel apps out there to make your life easier when you decide to hit the road. Whether for business or leisure, apps like Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Zagat, CityMaps2Go, and Google Translate, to name a few, can make all the difference. But which apps are worth considering for 2020 and beyond? Below are a few great, some relatively unknown, travel apps you should introduce to your smartphone for 2020.

XE Currency

Add the currencies of the countries you are visiting before you leave home, or when you have wifi. You will be able to put a price in and see it in your currency almost instantly, making conversation super easy when shopping, hosting dinner meetings, and more.

Dav El | BostonCoach

Located in more than 550 cities worldwide, Dav El | BostonCoach is the largest privately-owned chauffeured transportation company in the world. Booking through the Dav El | BostonCoach app is just a tap away. Schedule a ride, choose your vehicle, track your car in real-time (with detailed information about your driver), save your favorite destinations, access flight tracking, customer support, and more – making your private car experience the best it can be!


For secure messaging and phone calls anywhere in the world, check out Viber.  Users benefit from end-to-end encryption and nothing shared is ever stored on the Viber’s servers once delivered. Everything from audio/video calls, group chat, instant voice, and video messages are at your fingertips for FREE.

Mobile Passport

Located in 27 airports and 4 cruise ports, and used by more than 8 million travelers, Mobile Passport is easy as 1-2-3. For those returning to the United States on international flights, travelers simply submit passport and declaration information through their mobile device and then access separate, fast lanes in the inspection area of the airport.

Happy Cow

The Happy Cow app can help vegan and vegetarians locate more than 100,000 restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, farmer’s markets and grocery stores in over 195 countries around the world. It also offers a filter feature to include gluten-free and cuisine choices.


Although emergencies while traveling are rare, when you are faced with one, this app takes out all the guessing. The Allianz Global Assistance app TripWise helps you navigate emergencies with ease by providing country information such as emergency service numbers (i.e. 911), offers a hospital search feature, flight tracking within 3 days, and RX and first aid terms to help decipher international prescription medications (and translate more than 15 languages).


Tired of searching multiple airline apps for the cheapest flights? Or having to shop around for car rentals and hotels? Used by more than 100 million people worldwide, including professional full-time bloggers, the Skyscanner app is no longer just a flight search engine, but a global, modern leader in travel.

With mobile usage having taken over fixed internet access, it’s no wonder there are more than 200 million people using travel apps. Where will you travel next?