Tips for Traveling Internationally

We are fortunate that in today’s modern society traveling internationally is extremely commonplace. You can hop on an airplane and get to a destination halfway around the world for a meeting and return a few days later (a bit jet-lagged, but still, feasible!). But while, yes, it’s possible to just arrive at the airport and fly to different continent thousands of miles away, planning ahead can help out immensely with any unexpected hurdles you might come across on your journey. Here are Dav El | BostonCoach’s best tips for traveling internationally:


Passports & Visas 

Before you even think about traveling internationally, be sure that your passport is current! And if you don’t have a passport yet, you must set aside plenty of time to go through the process – U.S. passports can be expedited, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny. Secondly, check here to see if the country you’re visiting, whether for business or pleasure, requires a visa. Having that in hand with plenty of time pre-travel is key.


Packing & Unpacking 

You might be off on a business trip for a few days or perhaps you’re heading to a longer vacation. Either way, we suggest being sure that your packing is on point. That is, choose a suitcase that travels well, has wheels, and, ideally, fits in the overhead compartment. What’s the weather like at your destination? Research if you need additional layers for rain or cool weather. And, finally, if you can, pick one basic color (black, typically) for your wardrobe that all your clothes can coordinate with – and use packing cubes. Space-saving and organized!


Maps & Translations

You’ve got your paperwork in hand, including, for some, a travel guide, but when you’re on the go these days, there are a number of map apps you can use via your phone or personal device. Most convenient is Google Maps, however, there are other map apps that appeal more to outdoors (hiking maps, for example) or others that offer more local tips from the international destination you’re visiting.


Another way to “blend in” a bit better is to have a decent grasp of the area’s language. While the majority of the world has a working knowledge of English, it always looks good to attempt to communicate in their native tongue – it shows effort on your part. To help you along, these translation apps might be the answer.


Getting Around

Wouldn’t it be great to show up at your international destination and know that you have ground transportation already set up? Take advantage of this tip: Dav El | BostonCoach has thousands of available vehicles and drivers worldwide. You can arrange your ride via our convenient app – your driver will track your flight, meet you at the airport and whisk you to your final destination in safety and comfort.


We hope these tips help as you prepare for your next international trip!

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