Top 5 Bleisure Destinations in the U.S.

Bleisure = Business + Leisure. A travel trend that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Why not combine a trip for work with a trip for pleasure? Tack on a few days before or after, or, plan an afternoon break from those stuffy meetings. These top 5 bleisure locations in the U.S. are sure to provide plenty to do and see.


Clean, crisp air (albeit with periods of rain almost every day), gorgeous scenery (green from the rain!), incredible local seafood, and a convenient location to head out for nature’s beauty on display, Seattle offers all of this and more. You can visit any one of the Seattle’s nearby islands for a day trip, check out Mount Rainier, or even hop on a short flight north to Canada. In town, head to Pike’s Place Fish Market or the Space Needle. There’s no shortage of fun to be had if you’ve got an extra day or two.

Washington, D.C.

Always a draw for its historical monuments and the Smithsonian Museums, Washington D. C. also provides bleisure travelers easy access to world-renowned cuisine, Potomac River cruises, the nearby Virginia wine country, and funky neighborhoods to explore. You can stroll the Mall for an entire day, popping into attractions left and right, and getting exercise to boot!


The epicenter of the South, Atlanta boasts an impressive city that is still affectionately known as “the city in a forest”. The gorgeous amount of trees in and around Atlanta envelope a town known for its historical significance, headquarters of CNN and Coca-Cola, and diverse neighborhoods. Just outside the city, you can hike Stone Mountain or spend an afternoon on the Chattahoochee. Avoid traffic and stay in town, strolling along the new city Beltline. Whatever you choose for your bleisure visit, you won’t be disappointed.


Many travelers find themselves in Boston — and, coincidentally, take advantage of it. Major sports teams, historically significant attractions, world-renowned universities…all have a place in Boston. A port town, you can take a day trip on the water, or just wander the city streets and enjoy a fun evening. Bleisure is best in Boston!

San Diego

Saving the best for last – we offer San Diego. Probably the most desired place to go for a business trip, San Diego provides travelers with near-perfect year-round weather, beautiful beaches, fish tacos, the Gaslamp Quarter, and so much more. Bleisure travelers need only be told where they need to head out for a trip, and it’ll be booked immediately!


Remember that wherever you travel (and for whatever reason, although we highly recommend tacking on a bleisure day or two!), choose Dav El | BostonCoach for your chauffeured transportation needs and take that decision making off your plate – so you can enjoy the time you have.


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