Traveling With Coworkers vs Solo

At various points throughout your career, you will have the opportunity to do some business travel, whether it’s solo or with your co-workers. There are definitely pros and cons to either! Sometimes you’ll have no choice in the matter but you can definitely plan ahead to have an enjoyable experience whether on your own or not.

Me Time vs. Group Time

Traveling solo provides the chance to work on your “me time”. That being said, traveling alone can be lonely. Being with your co-workers makes traveling more lighthearted and fun, when not too wrapped up with work.

If you’re traveling solo, consider having a meal in a restaurant on your own so you’re not trapped in your hotel room all the time. If you’re with co-workers, plan ahead for a meal or two together but then keep your time-frame parameters to what you would like them to be.


If you’re on your own, you’ll be spending a lot of money to keep yourself fed and entertained. If you’re with your co-workers, discounts or group benefits can apply, and meals can be split up evenly.


When you’re on your own, you truly have your own personal agenda. The freedom that comes with that is great if you enjoy particular activities or fun. With a group, your personal interests will have to be curbed a bit.

With a group, you must be more flexible. Perhaps your co-workers want to do something you don’t? Be okay with saying “no” to something if you don’t want to. The freedom in saying “no” ranks up there almost as important as freedom of movement when you’re on your own.


The most important thing to remember when traveling with co-workers is that you have to work with these companions. Divulging too much personal information or perhaps having a few too many drinks isn’t a good idea. Keep your interactions fun but professional, and remember that back at the office, it will be business as usual.


With any travel, remember that Dav El | BostonCoach is your best bet for high quality and excellent ground transportation needs – whether traveling solo or with a group.


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