Ways to Save on Business Travel

Business trips are not all-expense-paid vacations, as much as the change of scenery might beckon. Between the travel, hotel stay, restaurant food, transportation, and meetings or conferences associated with business travel, though, it could be easy to rack up expenses (that could make your employer stop in his or her tracks). That activity, however, might not be in the budget plan. Consider implementing these suggestions to save on business travel to stay within budget with your expenses, do the business you need to on the road, and then tack on a personal vacation at the end (or just come back to your home office knowing that you didn’t take advantage of your time away!).


Pack Light

Even though your company is paying for your trip, you can save a good deal of money by not checking your luggage. Take only a carry on bag with a well thought out capsule wardrobe that can work for both day and evening meetings and meals. Not only will you save money but time by not having to wait for your luggage at the airport.


Eat Light

While it’s always a temptation to try new, interesting, and highly rated restaurants while on business travel, think carefully before diving in. Travel can create changes within your body and adding in foods that are too varied on top of that could create havoc on your system. Add in the expense of eating out, and you’ve got a potential recipe for disaster. Instead, plan to eat relatively light while on business travel. You’ll save money and also, be able to feel more like yourself while on your trip.


Travel Light

By this, we mean both physically and mentally. Don’t clog up your time and energy by researching ground transportation options. There will always be expenses associated with choosing a service that can give you peace of mind and of wallet. Choosing Dav El | BostonCoach and our litany of chauffeured transportation options can cut your expenses as well as brain bandwidth at the same time.


Cutting expenses on a business trip isn’t difficult if you plan ahead, utilize various techniques to make it happen, and prioritize your budget for a trip that works for you and your employer.


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