What to Know When Traveling Alone

More and more, people are choosing to vacation and travel solo – whether completely on their own or with tour groups catering to individual travelers, it has become more acceptable to be out exploring the world on your own. But while you might be the most seasoned and confident traveler out there, it’s still important to bear some precautions in mind while on the open road.

Share Your Itinerary

Be sure that your family and friends have a solid grasp on your itinerary, travel plans, airline flights, and all contact information. Having that done in advance makes it easier for those who care about you to keep track of your whereabouts if necessary. Touch base when you can to check-in and keep others updated about your trip for both fun and safety reasons.

Be Ready to Get to Know Yourself

Traveling alone can be quite an eye-opening experience as well. If you’re okay with a minimal amount of human contact, then traveling on your own is a great way to do so. You’ll be able to choose your daily activities without negotiating, eat when and where you want, and enjoy the surroundings you are in without interruption and on your “own” schedule. If you don’t often get lonely, the solitude of traveling alone could be just the ticket for you.

Have International Capabilities at Hand

Not only do we mean have international capabilities on your smartphone data services to avoid international roaming service fees, but know where your country’s embassy is on any trip you are on. You don’t have to check-in necessarily, but having the address quickly at hand can be helpful if you lose your passport or there is a family emergency. If you are a U.S. citizen, you can also enroll is the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which allows you to enroll your trip with the embassy near your travels.


A number of small steps can keep you safe during your travels. Be sure to keep copies of your passport in your luggage and in the hotel safe, book hotels with 24-hour check in/front desk coverage, stick to lighted areas, don’t dress like a tourist, and walk with assuredness and confidence. As always, consider using Dav El|BostonCoach for your chauffeured ground transportation needs, providing safe, professional, and reliable service is more than 550 cities worldwide.

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