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What Your Travel Experience Will Look Like in the Not-So-Distant Future

Increasing demand and new technology are driving promising developments that should make business travel more pleasant, from airplanes with party rooms to suitcases that tell you where they are.

Airports: Contractor Skanska USA has identified three key factors driving airport design today: bigger planes, the need for flexible and efficient security screening and the ability to accommodate the increased time passengers spend in terminals. In the terminal, biometrics may replace your driver’s license.

Planes: After years of customer complaints about airplane design, a nice twist: Cabins may end up looking and feeling more welcoming. Airbus recently designed a concept cabin that eliminated traditional first, business and economy classes in favor of areas to relax, play games or hold meetings.

Hotels: The hotel room of the future may offer completely wired rooms in which every selection, from the TV to the drapes to the temperature, is controlled via tablet computer.

Gear: Several startups are racing forward with smart suitcases. Bluesmart offers an app controls the case’s digital lock and offers a proximity sensor, location tracking, digital scale and built-in phone charger. Your smartphone may soon also be replacing your wallet.

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