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BostonCoach Launches Communication Program to Help Travel Managers Improve Travel Policy Compliance

BostonCoach Managed Communications program aims to increase compliance, reduce costs

BOSTON, September 16, 2010 — BostonCoach today announced it is now offering a managed communication program that easily and directly helps clients achieve greater travel-policy compliance. The program is a direct result of BostonCoach’s discovery that the absence of communication regarding travel policies is a leading cause of non-compliance and subsequent increased cost and risk.

“By surveying clients, we discovered a serious gap in awareness of travel policy among travelers and those who arrange travel,” said Larry Moulter, president and chief executive officer of BostonCoach. “Poor communication leads to poor compliance, elevated risk and increased costs that can be as much as 23 percent. That’s just unacceptable when travel managers work so hard to obtain preferred vendor rates. Travel managers consistently tell us they need help getting the word out about travel policy, and the goal of our communication program is to help travel managers and their organizations maximize the benefits associated with preferred providers.”

BostonCoach surveyed more than 800 travel bookers and nearly two-thirds (61 percent) indicated that they do not receive formal communication from their companies about which travel-service providers they are authorized to use.
BostonCoach’s Managed Communication program enables travel managers — with minimal effort — to provide helpful information and significant benefit to travelers and those who arrange travel. Components of the program include:

  • Templates for internal announcements such an introduction of preferred providers, important travel-policy announcements and policy reminders.
  • Travel tips so employees are familiar with the most efficient and cost-effective ways to use car service.
  • Surveys of travelers and those who arrange travel to provide insight into travel trends and perceptions among employees.
  • Custom landing pages featuring policy reminders, booking advice and service offerings all in one location and always up to date.

“The program is completely flexible, so we can help travel managers develop a communications protocol that accommodates their organization’s specific culture. Some clients choose to have us write and send all communications, while others ask that we simply make some modifications to the templates so they can send the communications themselves. Whatever elements they choose to take advantage of, one thing is true of all clients who use the program: They see the compliance-boosting benefits of communicating to travelers and travel arrangers,” said Moulter.

To find out more about BostonCoach’s Managed Communications program, please call 800-856-9886.
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