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BostonCoach Launches Travel Risk Audit Program to Improve Corporate Traveler Safety

Reviews ground transportation providers to identify safety gaps in travel risk programs

BOSTON, April 5, 2011 – BostonCoach today announced it is launching its new Travel Risk Audit program that includes a comprehensive review of an organization’s ground-transportation providers to ensure their safety practices and duty-of-care protocols are at optimal levels and to identify areas that need to be addressed to maximize business-traveler safety.

Virtually all of an organization’s business travelers use ground transportation services, whether they be taxi, black car or chauffeured car services. Yet many organizations do not have programs in place to manage ground-transportation risk.

Now, businesses can increase overall safety and minimize the risk for travelers by utilizing BostonCoach’s Risk Audit program. Offered at no cost, BostonCoach’s Risk Audit can identify potential gaps in a travel-risk-management program and offer suggestions on how to better protect employees.

“It’s good business sense for organizations to mitigate their risk by incorporating ground transportation into their risk-management programs and by using effective duty-of-care protocols to weed out all but the safest car service providers,” said Larry Moulter, BostonCoach president and CEO.

Looking at current transportation providers, BostonCoach can scrutinize background checks, licensing reviews and insurance tests. These can include areas such as a provider’s business history, if it is properly licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), or if various mandated insurance coverages are in place so that a company is not financially at risk in the event of an accident. BostonCoach also can review pre-accident safety standards among providers to determine the steps they take to avoid preventable accidents.

Benchmarking these and other findings against industry-leading safety standards, BostonCoach can then report back whether an organization’s ground transportation program is within reasonable safety ranges or if action is needed to address issues.

“Using proactive duty-of-care protocols to select car-service providers goes beyond ensuring that adequate general liability insurance is in place,” said Moulter. “Travel and procurement decision makers should insist on a standard of duty of care that protects their organizations and themselves from liability, while protecting travelers from unnecessary risk.”

To find out more or to schedule an audit, go to or call 617-563-2251.


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