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GBTA Munich 2019 – Steve Pitel Interview

GBTA Industry Voices: Dav El | BostonCoach Chief Sales Officer, Steve Pitel sat down with Lisa Censullo, Executive Vice President at GBTA, to discuss new technology, event management, and the client experience within the ground transportation industry.

What service and technology initiatives do you have for 2020 and how it will impact your clients in the travel industry?

We invested early on in technology so we could offer our own proprietary mobile app, something that is still pretty rare in the traditional chauffeured car service sector. Passengers are able to book through the app and store frequently-used information, such as destinations, which saves them time. They can track their ride in real-time and access details about their chauffeur, such as name and vehicle type. If they are booking an airport transfer, they can let the app choose the ideal pick-up time with the integrated flight-tracking technology. If passengers have any questions or issues while traveling, they can reach our customer service department with the tap of a button.

Additionally, we are updating our online booking and new account creation portals. The new design will simplify the entire process, making the interaction more intuitive and user-friendly, creating the best possible user experience for our clients. We anticipate going live with this in Q1 2020.

Large Group Event Management is something that can be difficult to execute, as a ground transportation company how can you ensure that all goes to plan?

One of the reasons we are so successful in large group transportation and event management is our experience. We’ve been known for our ability to provide seamless ground transportation for a handful of people or groups of 10,000. We keep track of these things, and we can proudly say we’ve serviced more than 40,000 large group events.

In addition to our experience, we have a vast fleet with vehicles that range from sedans to full-size coaches. As the largest privately-owned chauffeured car service in the world, we can provide any configuration of vehicles with impeccably trained chauffeurs.

In terms of keeping attendees happy, we provide a dedicated event team that can help planners choose vehicles, make changes, and address any issues that might come up. We take on as much of the work as possible to help the event go smoothly.